Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DVD teaches important life skills that open a world of possibilities

On August 15, 2011, the National Poll on Children’s Health, conducted by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, was released. It brought to light startling new health concerns that are facing America’s youth. Drug abuse is now tied with childhood obesity as their #1 concern followed by: smoking and tobacco use, teen pregnancy, bullying, Internet safety and stress.   Bullying, in particular, has become a national concern following some recent youth suicides. 

Earlier in the year, we provided some suggestions for parents and caregivers for books and music that not only inform and provide useful strategies to help combat bullying, but are entertaining to children and teens while getting positive messages across in non-confrontational ways. 

Today, we’re providing information on a DVD series that certainly fits this same mold, SHANTI GENERATION: YOGA SKILLS FOR YOUTH PEACEMAKERS.

Yoga is practiced by nearly 14 million American adults, and it also has developmental benefits for young people that help instill self-confidence, combat obesity, develop physical strength and improve academic achievement, while cultivating inner peace and mindfulness. 

Yoga has also been found to be beneficial for children with ADHD, Autism and chronic disease, helping them to stay physically healthy and mentally focused. 

SHANTI GENERATION was developed by noted Southern California yoga instructor, Abby Wills, in tandem with the direct input from seven Los Angeles teenagers.

The video does not require previous training in yoga, and it is a program that talks to and not at kids.

The production values of this DVD are high end and include tight editing and a hip sound track with soothing music by Aaron Wills (a/k/a P-Nut, bassist of the rock band 311). The total presentation is designed to capture the attention of young people.

Unlike most yoga videos, boys as well as girls demonstrate the exercises rather than an instructor, while the teens’ multiracial makeup is more reflective of modern America

Wills, who holds a Masters in Education, has had 15 years of hands-on experience working in schools, communities, and in international workshops for teachers. Her approach to yoga for youth is informed by studies in social justice and developmental education, which provide her unique insights in understanding the specific needs of the educator as well as the student.

 “Shanti,” means peace in Sanskrit. In fact, says Wills, “We plan to build a movement by teaching young people peacemaking skills, to build a world that respects and celebrates differences in effort to create a culture of peace and unity. The yoga program we developed cultivates social and emotional learning, or SEL, through mindfulness practices including movement, breathing and meditation. Each practice is offered in a context directly relevant to the developmental needs of adolescent youth.” She adds, “The program is designed to empower teens to cope with real life challenges, including bullying.” 


Over 30 unique options for beginner and experienced yogis:

5 unique half-hour practice sequences: Creating Happiness, Energy Amplified, Choosing Peace, Being Sound and Voice Choice Possibility 

Library of Poses: 18 mini sequences for Focus, Energy and Calm 

 Breathing Room: 5 sequences featuring stress management and self-regulation

Self-Connection Room: two mindful awareness practices

 Interviews with the seven teen yoga students

 Optional narration in Spanish and Japanese

Below is the official trailer for SHANTI GENERATION: YOGA SKILLS FOR YOUTH PEACEMAKERS and a second video introducing you to some of the young people who are part of this unique program.

The Suggested retail price for SHANTI GENERATION: YOGA SKILLS FOR YOUTH PEACEMAKERS is $16.95 and has best price of $14.95.

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