Thursday, March 17, 2011

Musical Notes: Music industry news and releases for children and teens

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Welcome to “Musical Notes,” this weekly column is dedicated solely to music. Like our Friday “Popcorn Report,” which features the latest information on movies, this post highlights current news and announcements in the music industry, and introduces you to the best of everything in CDs, music videos, games, instruments and upcoming performances for children, teens and families. Be sure to check back each Thursday.

This week’s edition of Musical Notes focuses solely on a CD and a DVD.  Both are highly entertaining and are making an impact in the world of children’s music.


Jamie Broza: I WANT A DOG

Story–songs with clever lyrics, a little blue grass, a touch of rock and a mix of beautiful Boss Nova beats throughout, Jamie Broza’s newest album release in several years, I WANT A DOG clearly defines him once again as a master composer and performer.

In the grownup world, Broza (a/k/a Jamie Lawrence) has been honored with four Emmys and a Clio, and his children’s music offerings have garnered him top NAPPA and Parents’ Choice honors.

I WANT A DOG is a fun family affair album that features Broza’s daughter Carmen, and his cousin, Israeli superstar David Broza.

Jamie and Dusty photo by Oliver Lawrence
Inspiration for this CD came from Jamie Broza’s dog “Dusty,” a rescued pooch that was adopted from North Shore Animal League America.

Geared for ages 3 through 7, all 18 tracks of I WANT A DOG are available to sound sample through the artist’s website, Good Mood Records.

Best pricing for the CD is through CD Baby at $12.97. and iTunes provide MP3 downloads at $0.99 per track with best MP3 download album through for $8.99.

Twenty-percent of the profits on the sales of I WANT A DOG are dedicated to the North Shore Animal League, and it is Broza’s hope that this will encourage others to adopt rescue animals.

Below is a very special video featuring Broza and his daughter Carmen, singing “Waters of March” (Antonio Carlos Jobim Cover) from the album I WANT A DOG.


Debbie and Friends: Story Songs and Sing Alongs

On March 29th, Debbie and Friends releases their first-ever DVD,  Story Songs and Sing Alongs, which features ten wonderfully animated versions of Debbie Cavalier’s hit songs for children created from her Parents’ Choice and iParenting Media award winning CDs, Story Songs and Sing Alongs and More Story Songs and Sing Alongs.

The DVD also includes bonus live performance footage of two concerts featuring Debbie Cavalier and her band performing “So So Happy” and “Simon Says,” plus a behind-the-scenes chat with Debbie, hilarious concert outtakes and fun fan interviews.

The DVD is available to purchase from the artist website for $14.95.

Below for your enjoyment are four videos to preview from this new release.

Cinderella by Debbie and Friends

Willy Won't Smile for the Camera

Jack and the Beanstalk by Debbie and Friends

Little Red Riding Hood by Debbie and Friends

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