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2010 Holiday Guide: DVDs for preschoolers

This is the sixth installment of this series that provides numerous entertainment options for holiday gift giving for children and teens, and today we turn our attention to some of the best DVDs released this year for the preschool set.

The products, which appear below have been researched for quality as well as value, and are geared to provide hours of positive and fun-filled entertainment.

Best pricing options, at the time of this posting are provided below, but it is suggested that you cross-compare, when available, DVD prices with your favorite online as well as stick and brick retailers, as pricing may fluctuate on a daily basis.

If you happened to have missed earlier posts, links are provided at the end of this article.

Also, you may wish to bookmark this page, as most of the links include viewing previews that enable further in-depth exploration at your leisure.

As always, you are the best judge of what is appropriate for your child’s entertainment.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

In an exclusive arrangement with The Fred Rogers Company, 100 episodes of the multiple Emmy® Award-winning TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ are now available through a joint arrangement with Space and Respond2 Entertainment.

Created in DVD format “on demand” (when ordered) and shipped within two to three business days, these episodes span four decades of the series and include some shows that have not been seen in 30 years but remain relevant and fresh even though they are classics.

Especially interesting in this collection are the first five episodes that aired beginning Feb. 19, 1968 and were premiered in black and white when the show was first known as “Misterogers’ Neighborhood.” Later that year the show was filmed in color and the name was changed to the familiar three-word format.

Episodes include all the regular cast members and cover such timeless topics as: “What is Love?” “Children Taking Care of All Kinds of Pets” and “Is Santa Claus Real?” as well as learning how orange juice is made and even visiting a factory that makes crayons.

The Mister Rogers Neighborhood collection represents a lifetime body of work by its gentle and genial host, Fred Rogers, a pioneer in appropriate and positive television programming for children.

The series, now in its 43rd year of successive broadcast on PBS stations nationwide each weekend, continues to delight the newest generation.

Almost all of this vast selection of 28-minute episodes are individually priced at $9.95 and are available exclusively through

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

The award-winning Nick Jr. ® preschool TV series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! introduced several new DVDs this year featuring that cute, yellow bendy-tale critter known as “Wubbzy,” and all his pals from the make-believe world of “Wuzzleburg.”

The selections below are but a sampling of excellent entertainment for the preschool set that not only engages children with fun-filled episodes, but teaches important lessons about friendship, diversity, honesty, teamwork and cooperation.

Wubbzy Goes To School

Wubbzy and his friends Widget, Walden and Daizy embark on wonderful and wacky adventures that help ease youngster’s anxieties about starting school for the first time and making new friends.

Released in August this year from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Wubbzy Goes To School features six episodes: “Who Needs School;” “New Kid on the Block;” “Gotta Dance;” “Wubbzy the Star;” “You Gotta Have Art,” and “Magic Tricks” as well as bonus features such as a photo gallery of Wubbzy’s schoolmates and coloring and activity sheets.

A preview of Wubbzy Goes To School is available through, and best pricing for this 70-minute DVD is through Amazon Marketplace at $5.80.

Further discounted pricing at $3.76 is available with a membership at

Escape From Dino Island

Preschool children love stories about dinosaurs and Escape From Dino Island perfectly fills the bill. Released on May 4, 2010 from Anchor Bay Entertainment, Wubbzy and his Wuzzleburg pals travel together on an excellent adventure to Dino Island where they have a roaring good time with lots of singing and dancing fun.

Important life lessons about honesty and teamwork are shared and are right on target for this age viewer.

Preview Escape From Dino Island at and for pricing at $8.99.


A recent release from November of this year, Fly Us To The Moon takes our Wuzzleburg friends on an extraordinary outer space journey to wake-up the man in the moon. Along the way, they’ll encounter space monsters, a runaway comet, a spiral galaxy, the “Tooth Fairy” and super heroes, “Captain Wonderpants” and the “Super Fixers.”

This 70-minute DVD includes a bonus episode, coloring pages, activity sheets, music videos and some “sneak peeks.”

Preview Fly Us To The Moon by following this link.
Best price of Fly Us To The Moon is $12.96 online from

Busytown Mysteries: The Biggest Mysteries Ever!

In July, Mill Creek Entertainment released a fully animated series based on the beloved books by Richard Scarry that were created for television.

All of your child’s favorite characters come to life as Lowly Worm, Huckel Cat, Sally Cat, Hilda Hippo and Pig Will take children on mystery adventures around Busytown.

The 269 minute, single disc DVD includes ten, half-hour television episodes that encourage children to us skills in logic, which incorporate problem-solving abilities in a joyful and sweet manner.

You can preview Busytown Mysteries: The Biggest Mysteries Ever! by following this link to

Best price available for the product is through importcds’ page on Amazon Marketplace where it is value priced at $3.35

Dwizzle Dee™ – Colors, Sizes, Songs & Imagination! 

Released in May by Cinema Werx, this 30-minute DVD is a
Dove Family Approved title and is also endorsed by Kids First.

Dwizzle Dee gently introduces children to a classroom setting using puppet characters Ms. Ashley, Lenny, Penny and Gifford.

Basic fundamentals such as colors, sizes and shapes are highlighted and presented in a low-key manner.

Children are encouraged to interact with the characters, which reinforces learning.

Song segments are included that offer optional sing-along subtitling, and a special an animated video short “El Gato!” teaches children Spanish words.

View the video preview of Dwizzle Dee™ – Colors, Sizes, Songs & Imagination! at Cinema Werx’s Dwizzle Dee page, where for a limited time, the DVD is available free with a modest shipping charge of $4.50.

Also, the site provides a free downloadable coloring page, line search and connect-the-dots. 

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