Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ultimate Block Party: Emphasizing the importance of child's play

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, from 11 AM to 5 PM, the emphasis will be on the importance of playtime, as New York City’s Central Park (at Naumburg Bandshell - 72nd Street and 5th Avenue) transforms into the Ultimate Block Party, with a multitude of free fun activities for families and children of all ages.

What is being billed as the first event of its kind, with targeted expansion to other cities nationwide, along with parent and teacher resources, Ultimate Block Party will host the largest game of Simon Says, along with mini-master classes designed with children’s play in mind, all led by top musicians, artists, scientists, architects, inventors, engineers and business leaders.

Spearheaded by Play for Tomorrow, a consortium of leading educators, and sponsored by such companies as LEGO, Crayola and National Geographic, with support from government entities that include the National Science Foundation, Ultimate Block Party aims to increase the awareness of the importance of child’s play in developing skills that lead to successful leaders for tomorrow.

With school budgets being slashed in music and the arts, and children’s recess times being shortened, studies have shown that these measures are not the most effective approach to educational development in today’s pressured and complex learning environment.

The video below further explains the importance of play in a child’s life.

You will also find additional information about this event, and all available resources by directly visiting the Ultimate Block Party's website.

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