Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caspar Babypants to launch third album: "This is Fun!"

His lyrics are memorable; his music ranges from kid-pop to folk, and his delivery is clear and easy for sing-along; the artist’s name is “Caspar Babypants,” but you probably know him in the grown-up world as Chris Ballew, the Grammy®-nominated songwriter and lead singer with the platinum rock and roll band, The Presidents of the United States of America.

Ballew’s kid-pleasing alter ego “Caspar” received high praise for his first two album releases, “Here I Am!” and “More Please,” and his newest outing, “This Is Fun!,” scheduled for nationwide release, Tuesday, November 2, 2010, promises even more of Caspar’s same wonderful story-telling set to a variety of musical genres, plus high profile guest artists, Krist Novoselic from Nirvana and noted children’s musicians Elizabeth Mitchell and Charlie Hope.

Ballew has not only proven himself to be a master wordsmith, with tight rhyming (fun and often quirky) lyrics, but his tuneful and uncomplicated delivery keeps kids totally engaged.

You can sound sample and purchase all Caspar Babypants recordings from the artist’s website as a download, or be directed to online and stick/ brick retailers.

Below is a music video titled, “$9.99,” which is a track from Caspar’s second album “More Please!” This will give you an idea of how delightful Ballew's music is.

According to Ballew, the inspiration for $9.99 came as follows: “Suddenly, out of nowhere, the chorus to this song came into my brain fully formed! I saw a little bear all tattered and sad on a store shelf just waiting to be loved by some special kid. Poor little guy! He’s has had a rough life.” He adds, “I used to ‘rescue’ old dirty stuffed animals from the free store at the dump on an island with my kids. The song is inspired by that good feeling of saving a lost toy.”

(I guarantee you and your kids will join in on the refrain in less than a minute.)



  1. Charming. Well worth passing along to those with little ones. Thanks you for finding this.

  2. You're welcome Dan. Glad you enjoyed!